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Efficiency Isn't Just Speed: Balancing Urgency with Diligence in Leadership
When deadlines are rapidly approaching and pressure intensifies, the temptation to rush can feel overwhelming. Yet, in the haste to deliver quick results, crucial steps are often bypassed—ironically leading to outcomes that are the opposite of true efficiency.
06-17-24 9:57 AM - Comment(s)
The Power of Empathy in Life Sciences Leadership
In 2020, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma while continuing to work full-time and navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. This experience highlighted the importance of empathy in leadership, particularly in life sciences, where it helps support teams and enhance patient outcomes.
06-10-24 9:57 AM - Comment(s)
Turning Customer Complaints into Loyalty: A Strategy for Success
Learn how to turn customer complaints into opportunities for growth and loyalty with effective conflict resolution strategies. Discover insights from two decades of customer service experience
06-04-24 4:49 PM - Comment(s)