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  • Transforming chaos into clarity.

    We help small to mid-sized life sciences companies streamline their business operations, allowing their brilliant minds to focus on advancing science and improving global health.

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We provide the Chief Operating Officer services you need but may not yet be able to hire. By embedding ourselves within your team, we create a custom roadmap to streamline your business operations and position your company for growth. We are passionate about advancing science and healthcare; helping you through the streamlining process is our way to participate.  This way you can focus on your crucial tasks. Our customized approach avoids pre-formatted programs that waste your time, focusing solely on executing the critical path to success.

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Fractional COO 
» a part time role to help scale your operations.

Strategic Planning
» ​a framework to set and achieve your goals.

Cost Reduction
​» evaluation of costs and recommendations for reduction

Process Optimization
​» streamlining your process to reduce errors

Who We Are ?

About Us

Amy is the owner of Golden Innovation Group. She has a BS in Biochemistry and an MA in Organization Management. She has been an internal consultant to the life sciences industry for the past 25 years. She has executed large changes across global organizations. She’s been involved in over 7 M&A deals on both sides of the table. In addition, she has held Operations, Commercial, and Compliance leadership roles. She brings a unique perspective to the table for problem-solving given her diverse background. She has sat in many seats and understands the view from each of them. She is data-driven but also understands that the quest for perfect data can sometimes be a roadblock. Amy’s network is vast and connects you to a variety of experts.

  • Proven Expertise
  • Depth of Knowledge in Life Sciences
  • Streamlined Solutions Custom for your Unique Business

"Every life sciences company should operate precisely, efficiently, and purposefully. My mission is to guide small to mid-sized life sciences organizations in transforming chaos into clarity. By streamlining workflows, documenting processes, and aligning teams, we are helping our clients by allowing them to focus on groundbreaking advancements while we handle the operational complexities."
— Amy


Years of Biotech leadership experience


Annual costs reduced


Expertise in process improvement, change, and strategic frameworks - Six Sigma, Design Thinking, PMI, Hoshin Kanri, Org Design

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